DSC_0384Rig Bags


3 Pocket IOM Rig Bags

Made with phifertex mesh and  Code Zero Mpk2T fabric, velcro closures

$145 includes class Logo

Sail # and country additional



ODOM, US-1 meter, 2 pocket bags with Phifertex cost $90



Custom Rig Bags upon request:

MicroMagic Bags




Micro Magic 3 and 4 Rig Bag





This is a 3 rig  RG 65 Rig Bag




Transmitter covers:

Covers are made from durable waterproof Pack material. Lined with flannel Or polar fleece. with a large window for viewing transmitter with a neck strap attachment. Large tooth zipper for access with cover flap on top

transmitter cover Price : $70


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